2 Reasons To Transform Your Air Conditioner Into A Smart System

27 April 2015
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If you have an older air conditioning unit, that fancy home automation system might seem out of reach. After all, what good is a high-tech glass thermostat when your air conditioner is twenty years old? Although older smart systems relied on brand-new AC units with WIFI capabilities, some tech companies have developed products that can interface with any air conditioner to make your system smart. Here are two reasons you should transform your air conditioner into a smart system, and how it can help you in the long-term:

1: Convenience

How would you like to control your air conditioner from a simple-to-use smartphone application? By installing a small device by your air conditioner that detects air temperature and infrared remote settings, you might be able to switch up your home's indoor climate with the simple touch of a button. Although this feature might seem opulent, these nifty add-ons can make it possible to take care of these things—no matter where you are:

  • Adjust Settings: Have you ever left your AC blasting when you left for work for the day? If you are like most people, you might have had to choose between turning your car around and wasting energy for the next eight hours or so. Fortunately, by upgrading your air conditioner with a smart device, you can easily adjust settings from anywhere with an Internet connection.
  • Create Customized Schedules: Also, because smart devices work in conjunction with your personal phone, they can track your location and create customized schedules. For example, you might be able to program your system to click on when you are a certain number of miles away from home, or to turn off when you leave the house. Also, because these systems can "learn" your habits, you won't have to spend time programming your thermostat.

To top it off, these stand-alone smart systems are easy to install. In fact, some versions are even shipped with pre-installed air conditioning codes, so they will work right out of the box.

2: Efficiency

What comes to mind when you think about energy efficiency? Although you might be tempted to zero-in on your monthly energy bill, system efficiency can also help you to control your personal comfort. Here are a few reasons that smart devices can help you to cool your home more efficiently, so that you can stay comfortable:

  • Humidity Levels: Although it can be easy to overlook, humidity plays a large part in regards to your indoor climate control. Because your skin relies on evaporation to cool your body, high humidity can make the ambient air temperature seem much higher than it actually is. In fact, a 75°F room will feel 80°F if the relative humidity is 100%. Fortunately, some smart devices contain humidity sensors, so that they can adjust your air conditioner accordingly. For example, if your home is especially humid, your system might turn on early or run for a little longer to control the heat.
  • Average Temperature: Incoming sunlight, stuffy rooms, or even the occasionally draft can alter your thermostat's perception of your home's climate. Unfortunately, if your system can't detect the temperature, it might not operate like it should. To counteract this problem, some smart devices come along with several additional temperature sensors, so that they can gain a better picture of your home's average climate.

Because smart devices help you to exercise more control over your heating and cooling, some systems can save homeowners as much as 40% on their monthly electricity costs.

By taking your air conditioner into the twenty-first century, you might be able to enjoy a more comfortable space without spending more than you need to. For more information on other HVAC option contact places like Aggressive Mechanical Contractors.