Slip-CLUNK! What Happens When Sliding Doors Slip Off Their Tracks And How To Fix It

1 July 2016
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Sliding doors generally stay in place and functional with little maintenance. However, if you have sliding doors on the front of your building that have suddenly slipped off their tracks and are positioned in such a way that they cannot be moved without damaging them further, you will need some professional door repair. Generally, you can tell that your doors have ended up in this position when you hear them "slip-clunk," and when it happens, it will happen suddenly. Here is how your commercial door contractor will fix the problem.

Look for Loose or Missing Parts

Sliding doors are able to remain in their tracks via plastic inserts along the top and/or bottom edges of the doors, or via casters that help hang and roll the doors in their respective positions. Ergo, when your contractor shows up to examine the doors, he or she will look for these parts and then check to see if they are damaged or missing. Missing casters that have popped off will prevent the doors from opening, while broken plastic insertion panels will drop the doors with a clunk in slightly awkward positions. If these are the only problems with the doors, your contractor can replace these parts and reinstall the doors with little to no difficulty.

Look for Electrical Problems

If your sliding doors are more technologically advanced (i.e., electromagnetic current keeps them in their tracks), then the problem may be electrical rather than mechanical. The contractor will examine the wiring and the flow of current using a special meter that tells him or her if the correct amount of power and the correct current (positive/negative) is flowing to the doors. If there is a breach in power or the current is somehow not the correct type, the contractor may need to remove your doors entirely, open up the wall to check the wiring and then examine its connections to the power boxes in your building. This type of door repair work may take longer than the mechanical type, so if you use the sliding doors as a means of security, you may need an alternative until the repairs are complete.

Something to Consider While Your Doors Are Being Repaired

While the contractor works to repair your doors, you may want to consider the possibility of updating the doors or having them replaced. You may also want to consider installing a second set of sliding doors behind the first set so that you have a second "line of defense" against the elements and thieves and which keep your energy bills low while the first set of doors are out of order. Since you already have the contractor there, he or she could give you a quote for all of the above options.

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