The Best Ways To Clear A Tub Clog

3 October 2016
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After you have had a nice, warm bath, you may notice that the water just won't go down the drain. You could hire a plumber to have your drain cleared out, but another option is to try to have the drain cleared out yourself. Depending on what is causing your drain to become clogged, this might be very easy to do.


Begin by scrubbing the strainer to remove any gunk attached. There may be screws holding the strainer in place that you will need to undo. If you are having a difficult time removing some of the gunk, soak it in water so the gunk will be easier to remove.

Using A Plunger

In order for the plunger to function properly, it must be submerged in water. This will allow for the plunger to generate the suction that is necessary to lift the clog out of the drain. To effectively disloge the clog, the plunger will need to be pushed and pulled rapidly. After about a dozen plunges, determine if there is anything coming out of the drain. If you are succeeding at dislodging the clog, the gunk from within the drain will cause the clean bathtub water to appear dirty. If you are not succeeding in dislodging the clog, use more force.

Using A Drain Claw

A drain claw is another effective tool for removing a clog in a drain. Like with the plunger, the strainer needs to be removed prior to cleaning the drain with the claw. The drain stick that comes with the claw needs to be inserted down into the drain. After the drain stick has been inserted deep enough, it will reach the drain trap. Keep pushing the drain stick and it will push through the drain trap. It is flexible and will bend somewhat as it forces its way through the trap.

The drain claw removes the clog by using a series of interlocking hooks. These grab and pull out the hair and gunk. Using this drain claw preemptively every couple of months will help keep your drain from clogging since soap often builds up in bathtub drains.

Calling Professionals

If you are not able to use a mechanical method to clean your drain, it is best to turn to a professional. Using chemical drain cleaners is not recommended because they can cause damage to your drains and may force you to replace them.

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