Gorgeous Ideas For A Rustic Kitchen

3 March 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

For many homeowners, a homey feel is ideal for the kitchen. The room should provide a family gathering space. One way to achieve this vibe is with rustic décor. The rustic theme speaks to the generational appeal of time-worn surfaces. Wood features heavily in this décor style. Make over your kitchen with rustic appeal for a cozy family space.

Wooden Cabinets

The foundational material of the rustic style is wood. Since cabinetry takes up a lot of visual space in your kitchen, naturally stained wood is a good choice. What's more, when you think rustic, you may think it should look homemade. Therefore, Home and Garden TV recommends choosing pine because it displays visible graining and knots. However, oak, hickory, and maple also look rustic while providing a harder surface. Choose staining that's as natural as possible but that offers warmth for a cozy appeal.

Rough-Hewn Island

In that vein, a rustic island is naturally appropriate for a rustic kitchen. The goal is a simple island with gorgeous details. For example, imagine topping mortared brick with a live edge slab. A live edge slab is a piece of wood with a live edge, meaning the natural edge is left intact. Such an edge is naturalistic and beautiful. Paired with a homey material like brick, live edge wood offers that rustic touch. Even if you're not including an island in your design, consider live edge wood for your countertops. Contact a company like Dahlquist Construction, Inc to learn more about live edge slabs.

Farmhouse Sink

A farmhouse sink is another classic addition for a homey kitchen. What's more, it's also functional. Also called an apron-front sink, the farmhouse sink is oversized, which makes it ideal for at-home cooks. The traditional color for the sink—and therefore the wide apron front—is white. However, if you want to add a touch of the modern to your rustic kitchen, consider one of the designer colors like yellow or green. Either way, the wide apron front helps break up of all the wood in your décor.

Copper Details

One of the hallmarks of the rustic style is time-worn patina. You get this with the wood. However, another material that shows off a beautiful patina is copper. Choose this finish for your faucets and other hardware. It's also possible to have copper pendant lights installed. Additionally, look in flea markets and antique stores for vintage copper pieces. For example, copper pots, cake forms, and canisters can provide more of the time-worn patina.

Even if your kitchen is new, invoke the generational appeal with rustic décor.