3 Ways To Give Your Kitchen A Rustic Look And Feel

21 March 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Looking for easy ways to make your kitchen look and feel more rustic? Here are three easy yet effective options to consider:

Replace the Flooring

One of the best ways to give your kitchen a rustic look is to replace the flooring with a beautiful limestone option. Limestone flooring will provide a rich look and feel that's easy to sweep and mop, and will complement most types of décor. Limestone happens to be less expensive than most other natural stone options, which will help keep your overall investment costs low.

Choose limestone, such as from Small's Sand Gravel Inc, that is darker in color so stains and scratches that may develop as time passes won't be so noticeable, and you won't have to worry about maintenance or repairs as often to keep the kitchen's appearance up. Look for limestone flooring options that contain dolomite, which is a mineral that makes the material harder and will allow you to achieve impressive shine after buffing.

Install Insulation Film

Another great way to create a more rustic feel for your kitchen is to make the space's windows look like they're made of stained glass using insulation film. Window insulation film comes in a variety of colors, shades, and designs so you can purchase it already outfitted with a stained glass-style and simply apply it to your windows. But for a custom look, consider using vintage stencil designs and different colors of insulation film to make your own stained glass.

Just cut the film to fit inside your stencils after attaching the stencils to your windows in the design of your choice, then rub the film in place before taking the stencils down. As an added bonus, your insulation film will help regulate heat gain and loss in the kitchen throughout the year as well as protect your flooring and counters from harmful ultraviolet rays.

Update the Cabinets

If your kitchen is like most, the cabinets are likely a large aesthetic feature of the space – so you can easily make your kitchen look and feel more rustic by updating the cabinets with some paint. Use a dark brown or grey color to give each cabinet a new coat of paint, and then lightly rub the surface with a piece of soft sandpaper or newspaper after it's dried for a few hours to create a distressed look. After distressing each cabinet, let them dry completely and then treat them with some clear epoxy paint. This will protect them from grease stains and to ensure that the paint doesn't rub off further when you clean them with a sponge or cloth.