Things To Know About Converting A Residential Property To A Business Location

30 March 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If you are looking for the perfect new property for your business, you may not have considered that buying residential homes for sale could be a good way to go. Here is a guide to understanding how a residential property can be allowed for commercial use, and why it can be a good idea.

Why Buy a Home for Your Business?

There are a few reasons to consider homes for your business. For one, some businesses can really benefit from the added charm of an old Craftsman home. For example, restaurants and cafes that are set in a home can have a more laid-back vibe that is reminiscent of home cooking.

If you have a business that requires multiple rooms, such as a doctor or dentist office, the layout of a house may already make sense as compared to that of commercial retail space.

And sometimes, you want your business to be in a location that is not surrounding many other businesses so that it stands out more. At the same time, you might find that buying a residential property is much less expensive than a commercial property, even when you consider many of the added costs that come with transforming a residential property into a commercial space for your business.

Zoning and Permitting Issues

The issue that can come with these spaces is how to get approved for a permit to build a commercial space in a residential zoning area. That process can take a lot of patience and diligence to complete because your property and your business goals will be scrutinized to make sure that your business is a good addition to the neighborhood.

Getting the Building Up to Code

As a commercial property, your new home will need to meet many specifications that the house might not already meet, so get a thorough safety consultation that will give you a master list of changes to make. For one, the place will need to be ADA accessible, which could include improving walkways, adding railings or ramps, and repairing stairs. The house might need to have its own parking in order to offset the additional car traffic that your business will bring to the block. You might find yourself spending money to improve the fire safety systems, the disaster proofing, the security systems, and other aspects of the house to get it ready for a business. Those costs should be discussed with your real estate agent and factored in from the beginning.

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