Considering Wooden Siding? You May Want To Go With Composite Instead

17 April 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Many homeowners love the look of wooden siding. It gives a home a quaint, rustic appeal, and if you paint it, then it has a certain traditional charm. But while wood siding is certainly beautiful, that's really its only asset as a siding material. If you want the look of wood along with a whole array of other benefits, you're probably better off opting for composite siding instead. This type of manufactured siding offers the following benefits over natural wood.

It does not rot.

Wood siding, like all wooden items, is prone to rot. You have to be very careful that your gutters don't drip water down the siding, and you definitely don't want to spray it with the hose when you're watering the flowers. Waterproof coatings will only do so much to protect the wood. Composite siding, however, is impervious to rot. This makes it a much better choice if you live in a humid climate or an area that gets a lot of rain. Plus, you don't have to be as cautious when watering flowers or maintaining your gutters.

It's made from waste materials.

It's not that wood is not eco-friendly; it is a natural material. But trees are knocked down specifically to make wood siding, which in the eyes of many environmentalists, is not the best thing for the planet. Composite siding, on the other hand, is made from scraps. It consists mostly of wood fibers and wood pulp that are left over from other manufacturing processes. They're mixed with concrete to form a very strong siding material that looks like natural wood. If the wood fibers were not used in the composite siding, they'd just go to waste. So, composite siding is often seen as an earth-friendly choice and has become popular among "green" builders.

Termites don't like it.

Termites can wreak havoc on wood siding, destroying it in a matter of months after they invade. Composite is not appealing to these insects. It won't attract carpenter ants or wood bees, either! This is especially good news if you have kids who play around your house; they are less likely to get stung than with wood siding.

To learn more about composite siding and its benefits, speak with a siding contractor in your area. They can evaluate your needs and give you an estimate based on the color and style of siding that you'd prefer for your home.