Four Mistakes To Avoid When Remodeling Your Kitchen

6 May 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Remodeling the kitchen is one of the biggest remodeling projects for homeowners. This is what is going to make a huge difference in home value and functionality. Nowadays, most homeowners in older homes remodel their kitchen to become more open since entertaining in the kitchen is one of the biggest benefits of a home. To help make your kitchen remodel the one you have dreamed of, you will want to avoid these four mistakes:

  1. Picking Cabinets Out in Store: When you visit any store for cabinets, there are going to be samples on display of all your choices. Before settling on your choice based on what you see in store, however, you need to ask to take samples home. This is because the lighting in your home is going to be completely different from the lighting in stores. Most stores aren't going to have any natural lighting, for example, plus they may only have fluorescent lighting that is not similar to the lighting you have installed in your kitchen. 
  2. Not Working With the Contractor: To ensure that your kitchen turns out how you want it to, you will want to work with your contractor. Don't be afraid to speak up about something you don't like. After all, you are the one who is going to live with the kitchen, not the contractor. Besides, most contractors are happy to make changes since working on a kitchen remodel that a homeowner is happy with is going to help with their portfolio and gain new clientele in the future. 
  3. Avoiding the Small Stuff: Too often, homeowners will only want to pay more for the big stuff, such as the cabinets and counter tops while avoiding the small stuff, such as additional storage solutions like a lazy Susan, the hardware, and more. The problem with this is that the small stuff is much more affordable to add on during the remodel instead of later on down the road. 
  4. Not Paying Attention to Functionality: You need to keep in mind how you cook and entertain. Do you like having people around you while you are cooking? Then the addition of a kitchen island is a great idea. You can add bar stools and have everyone sit around you while you are cooking. If you don't want people watching you, on the other hand, you will want to keep the stovetop off to the side instead of on the kitchen island. Be sure that all appliances are near one another to make cooking easier, as well. For example, the sink, stove top, and fridge should all be within a reasonable proximity to one another. 

When you avoid making these four mistakes, you are going to end up with a kitchen space that is desirable, functional, and more. Talk with a local contractor about the kitchen remodeling services in your area to learn more.