4 Tips To Help Keep Your Sanity While Building A Custom Home

7 June 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Many people only dream about building the perfect home from scratch. It can be particularly satisfying knowing that you are walking into a home that you actually helped design. Getting it done is a whole other ballgame, but that doesn't mean it can't be done. In fact, here are four tips that will hopefully keep you from completely losing your mind:

1. Know What You Want in Your Home.

Before anything, you need to know what you want in your home. While it is true that you will work with a contractor on designing and building your home, you still need an overall sense of what you want. After all, home builders are not going to lead you. Instead, they follow your lead. So, you need to know how big you want your home to be, the style of the home that you would like, the number of rooms you want/need, etc. You can go online or search through magazines to find inspiration.

2. Take Your Time Throughout the Planning Process.

Many people are so ready to start building their home that they speed through the planning process and don't have a chance to properly get everything on paper. This can lead to huge mistakes. Take your time during the planning phase because everything can be changed when it is on paper, but once the building begins, things can get very expensive if you want to undo something, move something there, or add something here. Don't start building until you are fully ready and know that your design is what you want.

3. Make Sure You Get a Written Contract.

Before work begins, it is very important that you get a written contract between yourself and the home builder. This contract needs to be extremely detailed. It should include all work that should be performed, a timetable for when the work should be started and completed, any project milestones, and a schedule of payments (if they are to be broken up throughout the course of the project). If possible, list the makes/models or serial numbers of appliances and large features that will be installed in the home. 

4. Visit the Home Site Often.

Many homeowners allow the home builder to start work and don't return to the home site until the work has been fully completed. This is the last thing that you want to do. This is your home that is being built, so you want to visit as frequently as you can to ensure that everything is how you would like it. By visiting regularly, you will be there to answer any questions that may arise throughout the building phase. If you don't like something that you see, you can stop it immediately and change the plans before things get too far.

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