The Advantages Of Conditioning The Air In Your Home's Encapsulated Crawlspace

10 June 2018
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Having the crawlspace of your home encapsulated brings a wealth of advantages to you as a homeowner. For one, your home will not be as exposed or vulnerable to things like poor air quality and pests. However, one of the slight changes that some homeowners are not expecting is that the contractor responsible for encapsulation will want to install some form of a component to condition the air inside of the newly encapsulated crawlspace. Why is this the case and is it an absolute necessity? Here is a look at some of the advantages of conditioning the air inside of your home's newly encapsulated crawlspace. 

Conditioning the air prevents moisture accumulation inside of the sealed space. 

When the crawl space is encapsulated, no air from outside will blow through the space. During periods of high heat, this can lead to high humidity and moisture levels inside of the sealed space. Even though moisture accumulation can take a lot of time to happen, it can happen without proper conditioning of the air inside of the area. 

Conditioning the air ensures good air quality in the space beneath your home. 

Moisture and high heat in an encapsulated space can lead to a lot of problems. For one, the high humidity levels can lead to condensation and mold buildup, which is definitely not an issue you want growing directly beneath your home. To keep the air quality in the encapsulated crawlspace safe, it is always best to have some form of conditioning for the air inside, even if it is just a small ventilation fan.

Conditioning the air helps keep cooling expenses to a minimum. 

When the crawlspace is completely sealed off, it can gather a lot of heat through heat transfer, and if there is no air conditioning system or ventilation in place, this heat will make it much harder to keep your home cool in the summer. Heat naturally rises, so even though the space is sealed, the heat can be so intense it will transfer through the sealing materials and through the floors of the house. 

There are several methods used to condition the air inside of an encapsulated crawl space, from installing a simple dehumidifier or vent to opening up a small vent from the home's existing HVAC system into the space. Talk to your crawl space encapsulation contractor to better understand why proper conditioning of the air in an encapsulated crawlspace is important.