3 Painting Ideas To Give Your Kitchen A New Look

19 July 2018
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Giving your kitchen a new look doesn't mean having to undergo a major remodel. There are lots of ways you can revamp this space with some simple changes, and one option is to add new paint or wall treatments. Here are a few different ideas you can use to create a new, updated look for your kitchen.

Paint the Cabinets

Your wood finish cabinets don't need to keep that same stain forever. Consider having them painted for a new appearance. A fresh coat of paint can make it look like you replaced all of your cabinets without having to spend a fortune. Choose a bright white color to bring an open, airy look to your kitchen, or go for a chic, modern look with a gray or slate blue hue. You can even get adventurous by painting the door panels a different color than the trim.

Add Molding

If there is a gap between the top of your kitchen cabinets and the ceiling, think about using molding to fill in this space. Molding can give the entire room a more upscale appearance, and it also gives your cabinets a more built-in appearance. Don't settle for the white color you find in hardware stores. Work with your contractor to have all molding and trim painted to add a fun touch. Choose a shade darker or lighter than your walls for a subtle color contrast or go bold with a jewel tone on white walls and cabinets. You can also use this idea in a similar way near baseboards in the kitchen, as taller or more decorative designs can make a huge difference in your design aesthetic.

Create a Focal Wall

You might think that focal walls are hard to execute in kitchens, as the cabinets and appliances might seem to be too much in the way. However, even painting the parts of the wall that peek through in a different color can really open up the room. Identify the wall you want to be your focal wall, and work with your painting contractor to identify a shade and paint type that are best suited to this project. If you need a backsplash on your focal wall, consider choosing the tile first and then coordinate the paint color with the tile.

Talk to a painting contractor like Albrecht & Son LLC about your goals for the project. Let him or her know if there's a particular design theme you want to go for or if there are any issues you are having with deciding on a color or wall treatment. Together, you can create a plan to get your kitchen painted and looking like new.