Why Hurricane Screens Are A Good Home Investment

19 October 2018
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If you have a screened patio, you probably hold your breath every time a storm with strong winds comes through. High wind from a strong storm or hurricane can leave your screens flapping in the wind. A solution is to have hurricane screens installed. You can leave these up permanently or use them like roller shades and close them when a storm is expected. Here's why hurricane shades are a good investment.

They Protect Furniture On Your Patio

If you have a large outdoor living area, then it can be a lot of work to move your furniture and décor to a safe place every time a storm approaches. However, this is necessary if you don't want your things blown away or slammed into your house by the wind. Hurricane shutters provide enough protection from the wind that you don't have to clear your patio. The screens allow for some ventilation, but they slow down the strong force of wind, so it won't blow your furniture around.

The fabric used for hurricane screens is very strong, so it also keeps out flying debris without being ripped apart. Hurricane screens can be just as strong as aluminum shutters when it comes to protecting your home and patio.

They Can Fit Windows And Your Veranda 

Hurricane screens can be cut to fit almost any opening so that your entire home is protected from storms. They can be mounted inside or outside on your windows or over the entry to your home. The screens can be used anywhere there is a way to mount them. When they're not in use, they can be rolled up, and out of sight so that they don't detract to the appearance of your home. However, you can also use the screens to create a screen room, so your patio area is always protected when you're away.

Hurricane Screens Have Additional Benefits

Hurricane screens are a good investment because they can be put to daily use. They don't have to be stored away and only used when a storm approaches. The screen can keep out bugs and filter sunlight. They'll protect you from UV rays and protect your outdoor furniture from sun exposure and fading. You can lower the screens manually or electronically, which means that they're easy to use as sun shades or blinds. One major benefit of having hurricane screens is that they don't totally block your view and make you feel trapped in your home like aluminum shutters do. This lets you keep track of storm conditions from inside without having to risk opening a door in a strong wind.

If you live in an area that often has strong winds or has the potential for tropical storms or hurricanes, then hurricane screens are a good investment. They offer a strong layer of protection between your home and strong winds and flying debris, and that might be all it takes to prevent storm damage. For more information, check out a website like http://www.allphasebuildingconcepts.com.