Undoing Winter Damage to Prepare for Summer Storms

12 April 2019
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

In many areas of the country, this has been a very wet, very hard winter. Now that spring has finally sprung, homeowners everywhere are beginning to start the process of undoing winter's damage and preparing for the strong summer storms coming soon. Here, you'll find a few tips that'll help you get started with undoing Father Winter's damage to protect the home through the rest of this year.

Roofing and Gutters

One of the hardest hit areas of the home is the roofing and gutters. Over the winter, wind, ice, snow, and sleet all beat on the shingles and overweigh the gutters.

If the gutters had clogged up at all over the winter, there could be ice damn damage that needs to be repaired before those strong summer storms blow in. Ice dams form when water cannot flow freely through the gutter system. When the water can't flow, it freezes. When more water flows over that area, it freezes and can be pushed upwards underneath the shingles. Over time, this process can cause damage to the roofing, the walls and even the foundation of the home.

Roofing companies can get busy during the early spring months, but if you act quickly and reach out early in the season, you'll be better positioned to get the roofing and gutter work done well before the summer storms start.


Hopefully, weather conditions didn't get bad enough in your area to worry about having to make repairs to the siding, but if you do, now's the time to do it. Start with a good cleaning – this can be done with just a pressure washer if things aren't looking too bad, or you may need to use a mildew-killing cleaning solution to remove any mildew that is building up behind plants and shrubs.

As you clean the siding, look for any signs that the siding has come loose or has been damaged in any way. If you notice damage, make the necessary repairs or contact your local siding professional for assistance. If you allow the damage to remain, water can seep in behind the siding and cause mold growth and wood rot.

Get started preparing your home for the weather that you know is coming. Hopefully, this year, things will hold up and weather will be kind to your home leaving it ready to withstand next year's winter weather without suffering any damage. For more assistance, contact roofing companies such as Jerry Newman Roofing & Remodeling Inc.