4 Tips To Update Old Elevators To Modern Systems To Ensure Safety And Save On Maintenance

23 May 2019
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If you have older, outdated technology for your elevators, then it may be time to update them with modern systems. Modernization will update your elevators to make them safer and reduce the costs of maintenance and repairs. The following tips will help you choose the right solutions to update your elevator systems with more modern technology and safety features:

1. Choosing the Equipment to Upgrade That Meets Your Needs and Your Budget

There are many different options to upgrade the equipment in elevators. You will want to work with the service doing the repairs and discuss costs and features you want to have. Consider doing essential upgrades first and additional improvements at a later date, so you can spread out costs and make improvements more affordable.

2. Avoid Elevator Downtime by Planning the Upgrade Project and Scheduling Work to Be Done

When you are modernizing the elevators in a building, it often means that systems could be down for days. To minimize the downtime, work with the repair service to schedule repairs. Ask them if some of the work could be done during the non-business hours to reduce downtime and minimize the impact of having elevators not working. In addition, do the elevators at different times to ensure there is always at least one working elevator while upgrading the systems.

3. Thermal Inspections to Identify Potential Problems and Upgrading Them Before They Fail

Today, modern technology like thermal imaging equipment helps engineers and repair technicians identify problems with elevator components. Talk with an elevator repair service about inspecting your current equipment with thermal imaging to identify problems, and ask where investing in equipment upgrades could prevent failures that cost you money.

4. Invest in a Service Contract to Cover the Costs of Routine Maintenance and Occasional Repairs

When elevator equipment is upgraded, it does not mean that your systems are not going to need maintenance or repairs. It is a good idea to invest in a service contract that will cover the maintenance expenses and repairs that need to be done. Talk with your elevator service about different options for service contracts to help you keep up with maintenance and prevent problems with equipment failure that can be costly to repair.

These are some tips to help you update your elevators with more modern technology and safety features. To start upgrading your elevators, contact an elevator repair service and talk to them about the right improvements for your needs and your budget.