Drain Field Nightmares, Soggy Lawns And Overflowing Toilets: 4 Tips To Help Deal With Septic Drainage Problems

12 August 2019
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One of the components of septic systems that is often forgotten about is the drainage line. This component of your septic system leads to the drain field, which is where the wastewaters from your household plumbing filters through the soil. If you are having problems with these areas, you will need to troubleshoot the problems and call for septic system repair. The following tips will help you identify the problems that you are having with your septic drain field.

1. Problems with Old Lines That Collapse, Causing Soggy Lawns and Overburdening Septic Systems

One of the most common problems with septic systems is old material failing and causing issues with your household plumbing. If you have an old system and problems with drainage, contact a septic drain field repair service and talk to them about options for installing a new line or retrofitting the existing line to avoid these problems.

2. High Water Consumption and Problems with Septic Drainage Due to Excess Wastewater

Another issue that you may have with the septic system and damage to the drain field is high water consumption. The excessive water consumption causes your septic tank to be overburdened with wastewater. This is a problem that can lead to issues with solids and sludge getting into the drain field and causing serious damage to your septic system. To avoid these problems, be conservative with your water consumption, especially during times like the summer months when you may use appliances more frequently.

3. Lack of Septic Tank Maintenance Causing Backed-Up Plumbing and Damaged Drain Fields

If you want to prevent problems that can cause issues with the plumbing in your home backing up and with your tank being overburdened, you need to do regular maintenance. It is important to regularly have the tank pumped to ensure that these issues due not cause serious problems. If solid waste has gotten into the drain field, you may need to have a drain field repair company help with the repairs to solve the problems before they cause issues with the tank and the plumbing in your home.

4. Undersized Tanks and Drain Field Designs That Cannot Handle the Waste Treatment Needs of Your Home 

Another problem that you may have is undersized tanks and drain fields that cannot handle the waste treatment needs of your household plumbing. Therefore, you may need to have your septic drain field and tank upgraded to serve the needs of your modern household.

These are some tips to help you deal with the problems that are affecting your septic drain field. If your septic drainage is causing plumbing problems and damage to landscaping, contact a septic tank drain field repair company for help with fixing the problems before they get worse.