Do You Have Damaged Gutters From A Storm? What To Know Before You Replace Them

27 September 2019
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Storms that do damage to the house aren't uncommon, but if you have had some of your gutters torn off the house and you need to replace all of the gutters on the property, you want to call the experts. You don't want to go too long without fixing this issue because you don't want water to become a problem for your home. Here are some of the things that you can explore when you are picking out new design options and when you are having the new gutters installed.

Go With Vinyl Choices

Vinyl is a top gutter material. The vinyl is weather resistant, water resistant, and difficult to damage, and it won't fade in the sun over time. Each gutter is molded and is one piece, so the color is solid and it won't show scratches. This is an affordable and high-quality pick.

Get Gutters That Look Like Trim

Gutters come in many colors and designs. You can get gutters that look like decorative trim pieces that go around your house that will look attractive no matter the style of your home. If you need to replace your gutters but you want something that blends in and looks good, ask the contractors what options will look the best with your style, and ask for an option that won't stick out.

Consider Adding Covers

Covers that go over the gutters are lightweight screens. They will be attached over the gutters to prevent debris from clogging up the drainage areas and filling the gutters. This way the gutters don't get weighed down, which can damage the home. This also makes cleaning the gutters something that is rarely needed, and the screens will keep pests like birds and squirrels out.

Take the Water Further

If you worry that the water isn't going far enough away from your home when it comes down the gutters or that you have damaged gutters and leaks, you want to talk with the gutter installation team about getting an extension on the downspouts. This way you don't have to worry about water pooling or flooding around your home.

As soon as you see that the gutters are damaged, you want to call a roofing and gutter professional to come to the house and to assess the cost of the repairs. You don't want to leave your house at risk, and you want to be sure to get the best gutters for replacement. Contact a company that offers gutter services to learn more.