Found An Older Home At A Great Price? Check These Two Things Out Before You Purchase

5 March 2020
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If you found an older home at a great price, you need to check some things out before you purchase the home. This is because some problems can be very costly, which would make the great price go way up. Before anything like this happens, keep reading to learn of two things.

Check the Foundation

The foundation is important as this is what supports your home. Over time, foundation problems can happen, which can turn into major repairs for you. 

Walk around the foundation and inspect it closely. Look for any cracks that may be on the foundation. Small cracks are common and are no need for concern. If you see horizontal cracks, however, this is due to bad soil pressure. If you see vertical cracks, water can get through the cracks easily. Cracks that look like stairsteps are due to having cracks in the foundation joints. This can be a costly repair. 

If you notice cracking, contact a foundation repair company. They will come to the home and do a thorough inspection and then come up with a repair plan for you. The plan will include a repair estimate so you can determine if it would be worth it to repair the home or find another home to purchase. 

Inspect the Plumbing

Because the home is older, the plumbing may also be old. If so, this can cause many problems to happen in the home, such as plumbing leaks.  

The home may have copper plumbing pipes as this type is very durable and will last for many years. Copper pipes are expensive, however, and the joints have to be soldered together. In older homes, cast iron pipes are often used. These pipes last for many years, but they will eventually start to rust. PVC pipes are often used today as they are durable and are lightweight. This makes this type of plumbing pipes easy for both professionals and DIYs to install and repair the pipes. 

Hire a plumbing contractor to come to the home and inspect the plumbing for you. If the plumber finds many problems, they may suggest that you replace all of the plumbing. This will be an expense, but, at least, you will know you will not have plumbing problems for many years. 

Make sure you take time to check other things in the home as well, such as the electrical wiring, heating and cooling equipment and more.