Uplifted: Raising A Church Building And The Cranes That Make It Happen

16 September 2016
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Your church building fund has successfully reached its targeted goal. The contractor has been hired, the volunteers have been organized, and your entire congregation is excited to see the progress as its new church home becomes a reality. You may communicate the ongoing building process with your church members via social media, a newsletter, and updates from the pulpit. Bringing attention to the big milestones, big equipment, and big blessings along the way will help keep the congregation and community engaged and uplifted about the prospect of worshiping in their new church. Read More 

What’s The Deal With Your HVAC System Leaking Water?

2 June 2016
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It's no fun coming home to a soaked patch of carpet or visible puddles on your floor, but it might not be your home's plumbing that's the culprit. Believe it or not, your HVAC system could be springing a leak. HVAC water leaks aren't uncommon, and they can be a bit of a pain to deal with. But before you pick up the phone and call your HVAC technician, take a look at how you can put a stop to those leaks on your own. Read More 

Discovered A Wood Floor Under Carpet Or Vinyl? What You Need To Know About Saving The Hardwood

4 February 2016
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When it comes to flooring, few materials compare to the charm and beauty of hardwood. In older homes that have passed through several owners, hardwood floors may be covered by layers of unsightly vinyl tile or carpet. If you move into an older home and discover hardwood flooring beneath synthetic flooring, you may be able to save the wood and give your home an aesthetic upgrade. The following guide on refinishing hardwood provides you with a primer on what you need to do to save the natural flooring material. Read More 

Tree Decay: Signs, Prevention, And Treatment

11 December 2015
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A decaying tree is a major hazard for homes and businesses. Bacteria and fungi are major causes for decay and can weaken a tree to the point that it falls. While newly damaged trees can be treated to prevent or slow the decay process, there are times when the tree needs to be removed because the damage is too severe to save it. Inspect Your Tree After Every Storm Storm damage is often a precursor to decay in trees. Read More 

Take Your Drip System To The Next Level With Fertigation

8 April 2015
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Once you experience the amount of time and effort saved by a drip irrigation system, you will not want to go back to watering with a sprinkler or by hand. However, you may wonder how else you can automate your gardening experience to achieve the most desirable results with the minimal amount of effort. If you are wondering what comes after drip installing a drip irrigation system, then you should look into fertigation. Read More