3 Primary Benefits Of Hiring A Scrubbing Service To Keep Your Parking Complex Clean

27 December 2016
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As the owner of a parking complex, you have a responsibility to keep the structure safe and well maintained, which usually means you will hire the occasional sweeper truck and keep lighting and surveillance functional. However, there is one added step to keeping a parking complex well maintained that you may never consider: professional scrubbing services. Professional scrubbing services use a large vehicle that has scrubbers along the base to truly clean the floor of the structure. Read More 

Storing Your RV In A Steel Building During The Cold Months Of Winter

31 October 2016
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If you are purchasing a large RV, have you determined where and how you will store it when it's not being used during cold, wintry months? Snow accumulating on an RV can do some serious damage, especially if the snow becomes heavy enough to cause the roof to fail or collapse. Here's what you need to know. Snow can damage the lightweight construction of an RV roof Placing a tarp on top of the roof can reduce the risks of water and melted snow from getting into seams and expanding when temperatures drop below freezing, but there's still the weight of the snow to contend with. Read More 

Dealing With Rocky Slopes On Your New Parcel Of Land

19 October 2016
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If you have just bought a parcel of land with the intent to build a custom home on the site, you know you have to ensure that your home and any roads leading in won't be threatened by unstable soil. However, not all land purchases are perfect. Many times the land as a whole will be stable and suitable for building, but there may be an area where there are loose rocks or some other landform that needs to be modified to ensure the safety of anyone on the land. Read More 

The Best Ways To Clear A Tub Clog

3 October 2016
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After you have had a nice, warm bath, you may notice that the water just won't go down the drain. You could hire a plumber to have your drain cleared out, but another option is to try to have the drain cleared out yourself. Depending on what is causing your drain to become clogged, this might be very easy to do. Preparing Begin by scrubbing the strainer to remove any gunk attached. Read More 

Uplifted: Raising A Church Building And The Cranes That Make It Happen

16 September 2016
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Your church building fund has successfully reached its targeted goal. The contractor has been hired, the volunteers have been organized, and your entire congregation is excited to see the progress as its new church home becomes a reality. You may communicate the ongoing building process with your church members via social media, a newsletter, and updates from the pulpit. Bringing attention to the big milestones, big equipment, and big blessings along the way will help keep the congregation and community engaged and uplifted about the prospect of worshiping in their new church. Read More