MACHINISME AGRICOLE: A Legacy of Excellence in Agri-Business

Established in 1989, Machinisme Agricole has earned a sterling reputation as a premier exporter and domestic supplier of high-quality alfalfa and grass hay/straw. For over three decades, we have been unyielding in our pursuit of excellence, always striving to enhance the value we offer to our stakeholders.

In 2015, a significant milestone marked our journey when we became a proud subsidiary of Tradeco Commodities S.A.C, a move that further strengthened our international footprint and customer reach. This acquisition was not just a testament to our industry prowess but also a signal of our ambition to serve customers on a global scale.

The synergy between Machinisme Agricole and its affiliate enterprises spans 32 fruitful years. Together, we have carved out a niche in diverse yet interconnected sectors including farming, forage export/domestic businesses, cattle feeding, and logistics/documentation services. Our hands-on experience in feeding and caring for our livestock daily empowers us with the insights and dedication required to support our global clientele.

Strategically located in California's prolific Imperial Valley, our processing facility is at the heart of one of the most bountiful farming regions. This prime location, bolstered by enduring grower relationships, some of which span three decades, ensures seamless sourcing from various regions and streamlined shipments via Machinisme Agricole Logistics through the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.