Shipping & Packaging Information

Machinisme Agricole takes the execution of shipping and packaging very seriously. Buying, storing and processing the product are just three of the challenges facing the forage industry.

The company has personal relationships with all of the major steamship lines and shipping alliances. We handle all of our logistics "in-house" so we don't have to outsource to a third party. This has afforded the company tremendous opportunities to continue to ship product when we are faced with delays or equipment shortages at the ports. We also deploy a sizeable fleet of company owned chassis and leased chassis to support our on chassis and ground container operations. We feel our logistics model and team is the best in the industry. 

Machinisme Agricole strives to provide the most innovative and up-to-date packaging styles available to meet the various needs and demands of the market place. Our primary goal is to provide the customer with the most feasible, practical and economical package that works for their operation. We offer every bale size and packaging option available in the industry from a 25 kg half cut bale to a 400 kg double compressed sleeve big bale. There is virtually no packaging style we cannot supply. 

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Minimum Order: 1-Full Shipping Container